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Dingli Signature

June 17, 2020

Dingli Signature represents a breath of pure air, the natural forts, where the sky and the sea meet.

We love these cliffs. We love to stay there, overlooking the open sea. You don´t have to say anything as the views are magic.

The super stylish tortoise frame is finished in matte.

This collection has four different unisex models with different colour lenses: the classic black and brown lenses and the trendy yellow and red mirror lenses.

What about the size?

The frame is exactly the same size than the Azure and Ramla. It fits medium size face.

*Just a secret, my mum has Dingli Brown and our friend Rob has the Dingli Yellow, two  completely different faces(my mum better, of course ;) ) and the sunglasses fit both of them the sunglasses very well.

What about the lenses?

The lenses are CR39, the most common lens used in Optical glasses and sunglasses, with a very high ABBE to protect you, but at the same time they offer you a clear vision of all you have around you.

Here you can see the unboxing:


Dingli Black



Dingli Brown



Dingli Yellow Mirror



Dingli Red Mirror


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