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Eyecare the best Opticians in Sliema.

June 25, 2020


One of the first things that we wanted to get with the project was get SINERGY good sinergy with all our contacts, opticians, shops, agencies, shippings partners.... 

Refer our opticians' friends is really proud to visit them not only as business meeting we wanted to create a relation as friends, for us this is business as well, the best instead.

And this happened with Abi, the manager of the Eyecare Optical, the good vibes happened from the first meeting.



Eyecare Optical is one of the first Opticians that true in our brand, So if you life close to Sliema visit them wanted or not to buy one malgoco®
You can find other brand as well as rayban, mikita, optical glasses, lenses.... if you need anything for your eyes and you life near Sliema area Eyecare Optical it is your optician.

Where are Eyecare?

Very easy you can see the point on EYECARE LOCATION